Families Helping Families

Families Helping Families

Keisha and Felix's love story took an unexpected turn when they encountered mental health challenges. Felix's symptoms emerged, and eventually led to a hospital stay. This period was filled with fear and uncertainty for both Felix and Keisha. Would their love endure this?

During this turbulent time, Keisha discovered NAMI-NYC's Helpline and became a part of the Family-to-Family class, which proved to be a pivotal turning point for her and their relationship. Thanks to the support she received, Keisha and Felix are now joyfully planning their wedding, and Felix has embarked on a new career chapter by enrolling in an MSW program.

NAMI-NYC is the only nonprofit providing support to individuals with mental health challenges AND their families. Thanks to supporters like you, we can offer classes, 40 support and social groups, family mentoring, and anti-stigma presentations, that save lives and strengthen families. With your gift, you share knowledge, extend support, and build community. You make recovery possible.

• $5,000: Sustain our Helpline in 180 languages connecting New Yorkers to mental health programs and resources for one month.

• $2,000: Offer one 8-week Family-to-Family and other signature classes educating family members on how to support their loved one with mental health challenges.

• $1,000: Launch one of our new groundbreaking support and social groups for individuals and families like Hearing Voices Family & Friends and Suicide Loss Survivors.

• $500: Train 10 Family Match mentors providing emotional support and resources from their lived experience with mental illness.